Ready-2-Brand (Sq.) Select-A-Font — Create Your Own Package

Ready-2-Brand Select-A-Font Branding Head
Several examples of Square Ready-2-Brand Select-A-Font packages and various equipment upgrades (each sold separately)Both sizes of the Square Ready-2-Brand Select-A-Font headsReady-2-Brand Select-A-Font Branding HeadStandard Square Ready-2-Brand Select-A-Font Branding HeadThe Standard Square Branding Iron Head size next to the Large Square Branding Head  size.package_sp120package_80NUSready-2-brand-plus_all_rectangle_hexaconready-2-brand-plus_all_rectangle_handleLarge Square Ready-2-Brand Dimensionsnew_r2b_caf_squares_bordersCustom-branding-irons-vs-ready-2-brand-packagesR2B-Blank-Sizes-010-medium-sizing

From $71.20

  • Review all the options we offer below
  • Select the options you want
  • Personalize your branding head
  • Want it your way? Go Custom!

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Product Description



Fonts & Borders
Select your Font and border (or no border).
Return to the upper section of this page and use the “Choose Border”  and ” Choose Font”  drop menus to select the border and font options you chose for your branded mark.








Text & Layout


Enter Your Name or Text
Once you’ve chosen your design, choose the text that you wish to appear on the face of your banding head. This can be whatever you would like it to read: A personal name, a company name, web address, whatever you can think up. You even have the option to choose upper case, lower case or a mix of both.

Return to the upper section of this page (above blue tabs) and type the text you want in the  “Enter Text”  fields.

The Select-A-Fonts can have up to 3 lines of text. The way that we layout your branding head is simple: WE WILL CENTER AND MAXIMIZE THE TEXT TO FIT WITHIN THE BORDER. Below are the examples of the layouts we use for 1, 2 and 3 lines of text. Using less text and no border allows for the largest character size.



Heating Tools


Heating Tool Options
The branding head offered with this Ready-2-Brand Package can be used with any of the following heating tools:

NOTE: Electric Branding Equipment for use outside North America, in countries with 220v-240v are also available. Please see links below.


regular_3Fire-heated Iron Handle

Brand the old-fashioned way with the fire-heated handle, consisting of a coated metal rod fitted with a phenolic plastic handle.
Included in base-price.

SP80NUS-1Weller SP80NUS Electric Heating Tool

The Weller SP80NUS 80 Watt heating tool is a highly economical choice, though don’t let that fool you. It’s built tough with a stainless steel barell and heat resistant handle. A great value! Ideal for moderate use. Available for the Medium Size Only.
Upgrade for an additional $47.00

sp-120-1Weller SP120 Marksman Electric Heating Tool

A step up from the SP80NUS, the SP120 is bigger, hotter and tougher. With 120 Watts of power and an upgraded stainless steel barell, it’s a great iron for medium-duty use and still a terriffic value. Available for both Medium and Large Sizes
Upgrade for an additional $93.00

557V-V12-Hakko-Branding-Iron-200W-009Hakko 557V-V12 200w Handheld Electric Heating Tool

The Hakko iron delivers maximum quality for the price. It outperforms the Weller irons, has 200W of power and can take more regular use. It is the most pro-sumer iron on the list.
Available for both Medium and Large Sizes.
Upgrade for an additional $134.95


120W Branding Iron with stand

Hexacon BI-P115 – 175 Watt – Professional Grade

Our finest quality iron. Made in the USA and highly durable, the BI-P115 is built to take anything you can throw at it, ideal for day to day use. With its comfortable hardwood handle and heat deflector disks you can brand with ease. If you’re a professional, this is the iron for you because there isn’t an iron in its class that can match the BI-P115.
Available for both Medium and Large Sizes.
Upgrade for an additional $154.00

The Hexacon BI-P115 – 175W is also offered in a 220V-240V model for use outside North America, available here

Rheostat Standard Temperature Control for Electric Branding Irons

Adding a Rheostat Choice Standard Temperature Control Unit

A Temperature Control Unit allows the user to find and set just the right degree of heat for any specific application. This accessory regulates the amount of power transferred into the heating element so the user can better control how dark the branded mark will be. A temperature control is a smart investment as it not only promotes continuous consistent marks, it also prolongs the life of the electric heating tool. Temperature Control Unit may not appear as shown.
Only $28.95

A Temperature Control Unit is offered in a 220V-240V model for use outside North America, available here

Cedar Wood Branding Iron Box

Adding a Cedar Branding Iron Storage Box

Store your branding iron safely in a solid cedar wooden box. We offer our boxes in two sizes: Medium and Large. Both are built tough with dovetail corners and a sturdy sliding lid. If you are purchasing the branding iron as a gift, the cedar box will also enhance and complete your Ready-2-Brand Package.
$27.95 for Medium
$32.95 for Large


This “Ready-2-Brand” branding head is a cost-effective permanent marking solution. We do not compromise on quality and make it with the same care as our fully Custom Branding Heads.

Simply select a design, a heating tool and give us the text you wish to use and, within 10 business days, your personalized branding iron will be ready. When you receive your Ready-2-Brand Package, just take it out of the box, heat up and brand away!




  • One Customized Medium branding head (image size: 1.17″ Square) at $71.20
    Can be upgraded to a Large Branding Head (Image size: 1.4″ Square) for an additional $10.40
  • Add the heating tool of your choice (See “Heating Tools” tab for options and prices).


  • All branding heads are made in house, in our U.S. facility – There is no substitute for quality, this is something we understand here at BIU. You cannot find a better produced branding head, period.
  • Top Quality Heating Tools – We searched high and low and found the best branding equipment on the market. We’ve thoroughly tested our complete line and we stand behind all our products.
  • Electric branding equipment for use outside North America, in countries with 220v-240v, is available. See “Heating Tools” tab.
  • The branding head is interchangeable with other BIU branding heads of similar size with a “Threaded-Hole Type” connection.
  • The branding head is compatible with several heating tools offered by BIU.
  • Fast Production – We produce and ship out our Ready-2-Brand Packages with unmatched speed. While some branding iron suppliers take up to 4 weeks to ship out their orders, Branding Irons Unlimited is committed to quality, efficiency and on-time shipment within 10 business days!
  • Expedited production options are available. For details see “Production” tab.


  • This branding head leaves a mark 1.17″ Square (can be upgraded to 1.4″ Square)
  • Branding head is fitted with a “Threaded Hole Type” connection and works with all compatible heating tools.
  • All heating tools easily connect to additional interchangeable branding heads (Sold Separately)
  • All electric heating tools work with our standard Temperature Control Unit (Sold Separately).
  • 110v (U.S. Voltage)
    – Electric branding equipment for use in countries with 220v-240v see 220v-240v electric heating tool  available for purchase separately, as well as 220v-240v temperature control unit.
  • If you are interested in using other fonts, adding a logo or receiving a proof before we produce your branding head, please see the Custom Brass Branding Head
  • Note to our international customers: For lower brokerage fees, choose USPS (US Postal Service) for your shipping method. For more details see “We Ship Worldwide” on Shipping Information page.




  • Standard Production: Ready within 10 business days
  • Rush Production: Ready within 5 business days
  • Super-Rush Production: Ready within 2 business days
  • Production will begin the following business day (Saturdays, Sundays and US Holidays are excluded).
  • Your completed order will be shipped according to the production option of your choice (Standard, RUSH or Super RUSH).

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