PRO-1000 – Propane Heating Tool

Propane Heating Tool with Branding Head attached (sold separately).
torchandregulatorPropane Heating Tool with Branding Head attached (sold separately).Propane Heating Tool with Branding Head attached (sold separately).Propane Heating Tool without the Branding Head attached.


The Propane Heating Tool heats the back of your iron with a steady propane flame, adjustable for easy temperature control. Just connect it to a standard LP-Gas connector and you’re ready to go. Ideal for working in the field or when electricity is not available.

Product Description


When working in the field, a Propane Branding Iron is a great tool to have around. It is THE Beekeepers’ branding solution and comes in handy wherever electricity is not readily available. Propane Branding Irons generate high degrees of temperature for rapidly heating up a branding head (custom produced and sold separately), a quick, efficient and portable branding solution


  • Preset Regulator stabilizes LP-Gas Cylinder pressure
  • Knob for adjustable flame setting
  • Ergonomic designed plastic composite handle
  • 10 Ft. Hose specially designed for LP-Gas use
  • Heavy Duty Industrial Grade
  • Portable & Practical – Ideal for outdoor use
  • Safe, easy to use branding method
  • Rapidly heats up branding head
  • Easily connects to any standard LP-Gas tank (not included)

Additional Info

  • Easily connects to BIU Brass & Stainless Steel interchangable branding heads (Sold Seperately)
  • Weight – 3.5 lbs


  • Works with Branding Heads fitted with a Rod Type (exclusive to Propane Heating Tool) connection.
  • Tool fits any standard LP-Gas connection.














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