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Modern wire-bent electric cattle brander for easier, safer marking of cattle and other livestock.

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Product Description


Manufactured and hand bent with break-through “tubular” technology, these irons will satisfy any cattle and livestock marking needs. In as little as 90 seconds, the iron heats up to the proper branding temperature and is glowing red (see pictures). The electric cattle branding iron maintains consistant heat for continuous branding for as long as it is plugged in, no waiting time for brander to reheat! With a 10′ three wire grounded chord supplying the heat, you can brand fast and safe without the need of an open fire. Braced at all stress points with steel rods and made with non-corrosive materials, this brander is built to last, leaving clear permenant marks that are easy to read.

BIU’s Staff works with you to get the design you want so you can be assured you are getting a brander that will leave the right mark for many years to come


Custom made and designed to your specifications
Tubular Technology, heats in as little as 90 seconds and stays hot – no reheating times
10′ Three wire Grounded chord.
Brander is braced at all stress points with steel rods to prevent bending
Made of lasting, non-corrosive material
Plugs into any 110 V outlet, AC/DC
Eliminates the need for open fires, which decreases the chance of property damage..


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