Hexacon BI-500 – 500w Electric Handheld Heating Tool 220V-240V

500W Electric Heating Tool for Electric Branding Iron and Brass Branding Head branding a Belt500W Electric Heating Tool for Electric Branding Iron with Temperature Control and Brass Branding Head (sold separately).500w_5500w_4500w_3500w_2500w_1Cradle for Electric Branding Iron220V-Plugs-013220V-Plugs-010


Quality American Made 500W Heating Tool for a Branding Iron for use in countries with 220V-240V.

Plug Adapter *

Enter the country the iron will be used in.

Product Description


U.S. made by Hexacon and Heavy Duty, this is a reliable key component to a quality branding iron. Designed for efficent heat transfer and continuous use. The BI-500 – 500w Electric Heating Tool is the best handheld heating tool in its class.

This electric heating tool is designed to work with voltage outside of North America and is compatible with voltages 220V-240V. Simply provide the country the tool will be used in and it will be equipped with the correct plug adapter.

Fits both BIU brass and stainless steel branding heads, including interchangeable characters.

Compatible with Large Style Branding Heads from 15 to 21 square in.


High Quality – Made in the U.S.A.

  • 220V – 240V (for use outside of North America)
  • Come with plug adapter – Fitted to your country’s standard 
  • Heat Deflector Disks for better burn protection and added comfort
  • Ultra-strong steel alloy casing – Heavy Duty, designed for every day use.
  • Hardwood Handle – Shaped for a comfortable grip.
  • 5′ Power Cord – Burn, Water and Oil Resistant Neoprene 3-wire Cord.
  • High chrome wires in the element are wound around high dielectric mica insulation.
  • Hexagonal Design – Fits easily into any standard vice.
  • HD-S12 Holder Included – Sturdy heavy duty cradle for convenient placement of hot iron during use.

Additional Info

  • Compatible with Small Style Branding Heads from 15 to 21 square in.
    (To find size Height” x Width” = Square Inches)
  • Works best with BIU Brass and Stainless Steel Branding Heads (Each Sold Separately)..
  • Easily connects to interchangeable branding heads (Sold Separately).
  • Works best with a Temperature Control Unit (Sold Separately).
  • Weight – 3.22 lbs.
  • 220v – 240v

NOTE: This tool is intended for Screw Type BIU branding heads. If you already purchased a branding head from us and need to verify whether it can be attached to this heading tool, contact us before you place your online order.


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If purchased with a Branding Head, turnaround time may vary.