1/4″ Interchangeable Brass Characters Kit


Starts at $280

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Choose a minimum of 6 characters from our Standard BIU Font. The more characters you purchase, the larger the discount, as reflected on the chart below:


$17.50 each
$14.50 each
$12.50 each

Product Description


1/4″ Brass Characters that slide into a slotted branding head for marking alpha-numeric codes, model numbers, names, etc..

Standard BIU Font, our most popular and versatile lettering style and include your choice of slotted head (holder). The popularity of this product requires us to keep them in stock, which translates into low prices and a fast turnaround. A cost-effective, versatile solution for spelling whatever you want, whenever you want.

The Size Comparison Chart makes it easy to see the sizes of interchangeable characters in actual size. Simply print out the file on letter size paper, making sure that Page Scaling is set to: None.


  • Made in-house at our USA facility.
  • Machined and Engraved with precision by an experienced team.
  • Deep engraved to 3/32″ for clear image transfer with no background marks.
  • Highly defined intricate contours.
  • Made of high-quality brass specially formulated to withstand temperatures up to 1165° F (630° C) and ensures good heat transfer.
  • Optimal thickness and rust-proof.
  • Choose as many or as few of each character you need.
  • Add “Spacers” when blank spaces are needed in your branded mark (available below)


The Base-Price includes:

  • One holder of your choice
    – either 2″, 4″ or 6″
  • 6 Characters of your choice (Additional characters are extra)
  • 2 Stops for securely locking your characters in place
  • One Wrench for adjusting stops
  • 6 Characters of your choice (Additional characters are extra, see chart below)
$17.50 each
$14.50 each
$12.50 each
  • Spacers are sold separately at $7.00 each


Choose Holder

slottedhead_easy_e1 slottedhead_B

Choose the length of holder you want 2″, 4″ or 6″

Holder Length
Max. Capacity:
6 characters
15 characters
24 characters



Choose Characters

slottedhead_easy_e2 slottedhead_3-8

Input each individual character you want into the field at the bottom of the page, if you want 3 “A” characters, type “AAA”

Our Standard BIU Font is designed especially for branding and contains the most popular characters, including all capital letters and numbers. Custom characters can be made upon request.

6 characters of your choice from our Standard BIU font are included in the price of the holder. Additional characters in Standard BIU Font are available at the following rates:

$17.50 each
$14.50 each
$12.50 each


Heating Tool

Choose Heating Tool

Choosing a heating tool is optional, however if you do not have a heating tool, you will need it.

Optional Heating Tool Choices
The above Branding Head can be used with any of the following heating tool options:

NOTE: Electric Branding Equipment for use outside North America, in countries with 220v-240v are also available. Please see links below.


Heavy-Duty Fire-heated Iron Handle
Brand the old-fashioned way with the fire-heated handle. Inexpensive and simple to use.

Hexacon BI-225
Our finest quality heating tool. Made in the USA and highly durable, the BI-225 (250w) is built to take anything you can throw at it, ideal for day to day use. There isn’t an iron on the market that can match the BI-225.

The Hexacon BI-225 – 250W is also offered in a 220V-240V model for use outside North America, available here

Hexacon DP-225
The same quality heating tool as the BI-225 (250w), only designed to be used on a drill press. With self-leveling technology the DP-225 is ideal for factories and home garages alike.

The Hexacon BI-225 – 250W is also offered in a 220V-240V model for use outside North America, available here

PRO-1000 Propane Heating Tool
The PRO-1000 is like a Fire-heated Handle with it’s own built in fire supply. It’s ideal for use when electricity is not available and the tool of choice for those who work in the field.

Adding a Temperature Control Unit
A Temperature Control Unit allows the user to find and set just the right degree of heat for any specific application. This accessory regulates the amount of power transferred into the heating element so the user can better control how dark the branded mark will be. A temperature control is a smart investment as it not only promotes continuous consistent marks, it also prolongs the life of the electric heating tools (BI-350, DP-350 only).

A Temperature Control Unit is offered in a 220V-240V model for use outside North America, available here


More Info

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  • Standard Production: Ready within 10 business days
  • Rush Production: Ready within 5 business days