Fire Heated Branding Irons

Brand the old fashioned way with a fire heated branding iron. Just heat over an open flame and you’ve got a hot brander ready to mark your name, logo or custom art. This branding iron consists of two parts: the most important part, a custom or a Ready-2-Brand head and the metal rod with a heat-resistant plastic handle. This iron doesn’t rely on electricity, however what’s really special about our Fire-Heated Branding Irons is the heads. All of our branding heads are designed to fit in both fire-heated and electric heating tools as well, which makes them versatile and practical.

  • The most economical branding option.
  • Light-weight and compact.
  • Rod with handle available in two lengths.
  • No electricity needed
  • Can also be used with our electric heating tools.

Need a Custom Branding Head?

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