Electric Drill Press Branding Irons

For every business or shop that requires precision branding, the DP, or drill press model branding iron, is the perfect choice. BIU’s industrial strength drill press iron is engineered and designed for many years of use. With the proper set up, the DP iron will increase efficiency, shortening the time taken for branding, regardless of quantity, especially for high volume of product. Utilizing a drill press iron ensures that every product is branded in the exact same spot with equal precision.

These branding irons work with both brass and stainless steel branding heads, including interchangeable characters. The DP Iron is easy to connect to any standard drill press and just as easy to disconnect.

Need a Custom Branding Head?

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The model is selected based on the size of the branding head(s) needed. The larger the size of the mark to be branded, the higher the wattage required.

  Drill Press Branding Iron Models
  Model Wattage Height Max Area
  DP-225 250W 9 1/4" 6.5 sq-in.
  DP-350 350W 9 1/4" 15.5 sq-in.
  DP-500 500W 9 1/4" 25 sq-in.
  DP-700 700W 10" 30 sq-in.
electric drill press branding irons