Custom Cattle Branding Irons

Branding is a tradition long revered in the American West for good reason. When it comes to protecting your livestock from potential loss and theft, leaving a permanent mark is the best method. Branding Irons Unlimited offers a variety of top quality Branders, custom made to your specifications with your brand or logo. With innovative “Tubular” Electric Branders that are ready to use in 90 seconds to traditional Fire Heated Branders crafted with the latest techniques. From cutting edge Freeze Branders that change the hair pigment without burning the skin, to Stainless Steel Branders that are capable of fire-heated or freeze branding, BIU offers American Made quality branding irons for the livestock industry worldwide.

Are you looking for an iron to place your ranch brand on livestock? Get an Electric, Fire-heated or Freeze Branding Iron made to your specifications. It’s your choice!



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