Standard Interchangeable Characters (No Holder)

interchangeable_characters_1-4_1dThe Standard Interchangeable Characters in our practical BIU block-style font that is ideal for branding,  are sold a la carte (on their own). If you already own a branding iron with slotted head holder made by BIU,  along with our interchangeable characters, and are looking for extra pieces to add to your collection, this is the place to start.

  • Add to your current collection of BIU Standard Font interchangeable characters by ordering online anytime, or over the phone during business hours.
  • Guarantied to match the style of your current  Standard BIU font interchangeable characters.
  • New interchangeable characters will fit into your current BIU Slotted Head Holder.
  • Don’t have a BIU Slotted Head Interchangeable Character holder? Look here.

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