220V-240V Electric Heating Tools

Branding crosses international boundaries with our line of heating tools designed to work with 220V-240V. No need for a voltage converter here, just provide the country and we’ll make sure the iron is fitted with the proper plug adapter.

  • Heating tools work with 220V-240V
  • No Voltage Converter needed
  • Comes with  plug adapter for your country

Need a Custom Branding Head?


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 Electric Branding Iron Models
  Model Wattage Max Area
  SP-80NUS 80W 1.6 sq-in.
  SP120 120W 4.25 sq-in.
  BI-P115 175W 4.25 sq-in.
  SP175 175W 6.25 sq-in.
  BI-225 250W 6.5 sq-in.
  BI-350 350W 15.5 sq-in.
  BI-500 500W 25 sq-in.
  BI-800 800W 35 sq-in.

The model is selected based on the size of the branding head(s) needed.
The larger the size of the mark to be branded, the higher the wattage required.

  Drill Press Branding Iron Models
  Model Wattage Height Max Area
  DP-225 250W 9 1/4" 6.5 sq-in.
  DP-350 350W 9 1/4" 15.5 sq-in.
  DP-500 500W 9 1/4" 25 sq-in.
  DP-700 700W 10" 30 sq-in.
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