Heating Tools

A Branding Iron is comprised of two main parts, the Branding Head and the handle or Heating tool. Some branding irons, such as Cattle and Steak irons, have these two parts permanently connected.

The Heating Tool is the device that provides the source of heat. It can be a handle with long rod, for heating a branding head over open flame, or it can be a device that generates and delivers heat to the branding head, heated via electric or propane. (For additional information, see the various Branding Iron types below in this list for the various forms of a Heating Tool).

The Branding Head is the part of the branding iron that is heated up to produce the branded mark. It is made of either brass or Stainless Steel and deep engraved with the image or text requested by the customer. Most branding heads are interchangeable. Many are compatible between fire-heated and electric heating tools, however a branding head designed for a propane branding iron will only work with a propane heating tool. Some people refer to a branding head as a branding die.

Heating Tools


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