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Ready-2-Brand Plus <br> Monogram Package-Rectangle
Ready-2-Brand Plus
Monogram Package-Rectangle


1" Interchangeable Characters (No Holder)
1" Interchangeable Characters (No Holder)
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Brass Branding Head

Starts at $115.00 (Price is based on image size and complexity)

Click the Pictures to Enlarge
Pictures are intended to show capabilities of custom branding heads and do not reflect the $115 base price

Brass Branding Heads are the ultimate, multipurpose branding solution. Wood, leather, rubber, plastic, cork, suede, bamboo, straw, foam and even Plexiglas can all be easily and permanently marked with a brass branding head. Each and every branding head is custom made to order in our manufacturing facility by our expert team members who take great pride in their work. With experienced graphic designers and the latest in CNC manufacturing technology, we produce highly detailed branding heads that yield unmatched branded marks.

The branding head is the most important part of your electric, propane or fire-heated branding iron.

  • Custom made to order in our US manufacturing facility.
  • CNC Machined & Engraved with precision by an experienced team.
  • Image raised 3/32" to ensures clear brands with no background marks.
  • Highly defined intricate contours. 
  • Made of high quality brass, most suitable to withstanding heat up to 1165° F (630° C)
  • Substantial in thickness and Corrosion Proof
  • Flat, Concave or Convex, for branding flat or curved surfaces.
  • Artwork scrutinized and optimized when necessary, to ensure detail clarity

  • Prices Start at $115.00: Mark size & complexity determine cost..
  • Designed for Electric & Propane heating tools or as a Fire-Heated Branding Iron (all sold Separately)
  • Can be made ranging from very small to very large.
  • In-house Graphic Design services available.

Custom Made to Order
Ships in 1-2 Weeks

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