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Branding Irons Unlimited (BIU) is a division of Infinity Stamps, Inc.,a leading manufacturer of metal stamps and other marking devices, located in Southern California. BIU is a “natural” extension to our parent company, as we offer yet a different group of permanent-marking premium tools. Our wide selection of branding irons are used by various companies worldwide, including wineries, apiaries, ranches, restaurants and, of course, artisans who use wood, leather and other similar materials for making their own unique creations.

Our customers include various manufacturers, equipment-rental companies, hotels, restaurants and artisans alike, who all have something in common. They recognize the advantages of using branding irons, as branding is a versatile marking method that is easy to master, efficient, economical and permanent.

Our customers use branding irons for many different reasons such as promoting their products, branding identification marks, burning required IPPC certification symbols on crates and pallets, branding food such as burger buns, as well as food related item, including dining tables. Others use branding irons to add that special touch to gifts given out in events and weddings. It is gives us so much satisfaction to know that our products are so useful to so many around the world.

We are here to listen and assist you with your specific branding needs, regardless of size, complexity, and quantity.  


Our Mission and Core Values

Branding Irons Unlimited (BIU) is focused solely on manufacturing a variety of custom branding tools for any application, serving manufacturers, businesses and artisans on an international scale.
We believe in carefully listening to our customers to ensure we clearly understand their branding needs. We are committed to pursuing quality with technological efficiency and in a socially responsible manner, recognizing that it is mutually beneficial to our customers, business partners and employees.

Our Motto is “Do What You Love and Love What You Do”


Most people spend their waking hours at work. Therefore, experts say it is important that we enjoy what we do for a living. This is certainly the case here, at Branding Irons Unlimited. We are passionate and proud of every branding head we make, and the “cherry on the cake” is the praise we receive from our satisfied customers. Nothing beats positive feedback and it always puts a smile on our faces.

Experience and Dedication

We, at BIU, are an experienced team ready to help you with all of your branding needs. As one of the leading branding iron manufacturers, it is our duty to provide our customers with as much information and assistance as possible.

BIU manufactures custom branding heads and distributes the highest quality branding equipment. We  ensure that  each and every image we prepare for our computerized engraving program, whether it is a  logo, a design or text, is as clear and can be.  Our close attention to detail results in branding heads with highly defined contours. Furthermore, we are committed to fast turnaround and full customer satisfaction.

weblogo2How BIU Was Established

BIU was founded as a specialty division of Infinity Stamps, Inc., established by Jack Eglick, an engraver and machinist with more than 35 years of experience. Jack’ s high work ethics, enthusiasm and integrity are the foundation of our company, encouraging a positive work environment that is both creative and productive.

As a result of the rapidly growing demand for custom branding heads and equipment, the ISI management decided to create BIU as a separate division whose sole focus is Branding Irons.

The BIU division is dedicated to optimizing the process to our customers’ complete satisfaction.

Company Profile

Branding Irons Unlimited manufactures high quality custom branding heads and we are the official largest distributor for Hexacon Electric Co., a US manufacturer of durable industrial grade handheld and drill press model branding irons.


BIU offers a wide range of branding irons for any application. From the simplest steak iron, livestock electric, fire-heated and freeze-brand irons, heads with interchangeable characters, IPPC pallet and crate  branders, to the most intricate logo heads, we take care of it all. Whether it is a very small or a huge branded mark that is needed, on a flat or curved surface, Branding Irons Unlimited provides the most suitable solution.

We specialize in producing both brass and stainless steel branding heads with highly defined intricate contours. Our in-house experienced graphic designers are an essential part of the process, making sure that a logo, a design and/or text are “fine-tuned” so that our CNC equipment always turns out high quality branding heads. Our helpful customer service associates are devoted to understanding your branding needs. Our production team takes pride in its craftsmanship from start to finish,  and our R & D staff works diligently to make sure we offer you the best possible branding equipment for your specific application. We always welcome questions, comments and feedback, all of which we consider helpful in improving our website and providing our customers with the best possible products and service.

Remember: “ There’ s no such thing as a silly question” .